Popular among early settlers in Florida, the classic "dog trot" was a modest home with a plan containing two living spaces separated by an open breezeway. The breezeway was used to circulate air around the living spaces to alleviate Florida’s humid climate and could later be closed in as a family grew. In this modern interpretation of the dog trot, the public living space and private sleeping spaces are linked by a vertical foyer, which acts as the traditional breezeway by allowing cool breezes in the lower windows and flushing warm air out of the upper windows.

Designed as a sustainable building, this 1500 square foot home features Structural Insulated Panels (SIP), large overhangs, and window openings placed to maximize controlled daylight and minimize solar heat gain. With contemporary design features and an open and adaptable floor plan, this home can comfortably fit in a variety of urban, suburban, or rural contexts.